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Portable ultrasound machines are fairly new, not appearing until the 1980s. The major benefit of these systems is that they are, as their name suggests, completely portable.

That’s a huge plus if you’re short on space, and it allows ultrasound technology to be more easily accessible in a variety of places.

The first portable ultrasound devices were used in OB/GYN facilities. Here, they were extremely helpful, as their mobility allowed for patients to be treated at the bedside.

As you might have guessed, a small ultrasound machine comes with a small price tag (or smaller at least). Because they cost less than other digital imaging systems, portable ultrasound machines can be used in smaller facilities or private practices that might have limited resources.

In many instances, less is more. Portable ultrasound systems offer many of the same diagnostic capabilities as console ultrasound machines, with added benefits of mobility and flexibility.

Many portable diagnostic ultrasound machines even run on battery power, making it super easy to take them along wherever they are needed.

Is A Portable Ultrasound System Right For You?

Whether or not a portable ultrasound device is for you depends largely on your usage. Think about the places where you’ll need to use your system. Is space limited?

Also, consider the ability to treat patients at their homes. Being able to use a portable ultrasound scan machine outside of the hospital might increase revenue for you and convenience for your patients.

For instance, a portable 3D ultrasound machine is a great investment if you work for a private OB/GYN practice. However, portable equipment might be completely irrelevant in a different niche.

It’s important to know exactly what you need when searching for a portable ultrasound for sale. You’ll also want to check out all of your options before purchasing any equipment.

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Just let us know what you’ll be using your portable ultrasound machine for. We’ll do the rest.

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