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As technology progresses, devices tend to get smaller. Consumers prefer that their phones, cameras, and even laptops are compact, thinner, and more lightweight.

However, these characteristics don’t always mean “better”.

Console ultrasound technology has been around much longer than portable ultrasound technology, and it offers some trustworthy advantages.

Historically, because of their larger size, console-style systems have offered more room for processors. This results in more power and ultimately, better image quality.

Today, there are newer portable systems that rival the image quality of these older giants, but many console ultrasound systems still hold this advantage.

Is A Console Ultrasound Machine Right For You?

If you require the absolute best image quality available, you might want to consider console units. These devices tend to have more advanced spatial resolution than other diagnostic ultrasound systems.

In addition, certain ultrasound technologies, like elastography and contrast ultrasound, are more common on console ultrasound imaging machines. If you need specialty applications, you’ll want to consider this.

On the other hand, if your practice doesn’t need advanced diagnostic features (and it very well might not), there’s no reason to invest money in a diagnostic ultrasound system that offers them. Keep your specific needs in mind.

While the flexibility of portable systems is amazingly innovative, it might not be necessary for you. Movability is irreplaceably helpful in some situations, but ultimately useless in others.

Also, remember that ultrasound equipment price increases with size. Selecting equipment that fits your needs, however, is more important than cost, so set your budget accordingly.

Ultimately, the best ultrasound machine is the one that fits perfectly with your practice.

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