SonoSite Ultrasound Machines

SonoSite is a big player in the ultrasound industry. The company is known for their innovative machines and comprehensive educational programs.

From an educational aspect, SonoSite is dedicated to promoting a wider understanding of the diverse benefits of ultrasound systems.

In addition, SonoSite portable ultrasounds are truly portable, designed with a small size and weight for user convenience. Because of their size, SonoSite portable ultrasound machines can be used in point-of-care applications where ultrasound was previously too large or expensive.

Top SonoSite Ultrasound Models

One of the most innovative SonoSite models is the iViz ultrasound, a handheld device that is extremely practical and user-friendly.

Another popular SonoSite USG machine, especially for anesthesia and trauma, is the SonoSite SII. With a fast boot-up time, increased penetration, and higher contrast, this machine offers image clarity and time-saving functionality.

As with most SonoSite models, purchasing this machine comes with free access to ultrasound informational literature and online tutorials.


SonoSite prioritizes usability with all models, especially the SonoSite Edge, which has user-friendly features and elevated color sensitivity.

Plus, you can rest assured that any SonoSite purchase is backed up with a reliable warranty and plenty of educational materials and online assistance.

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