Siemens Ultrasound Machines

Siemens has been a trusted name in the ultrasound industry for years.

In the 1990s, the best-selling ultrasound was the Acuson Sequoia. In 2000, Siemens acquired Acuson, resulting in the Acuson Cypress and Cypress Plus, two popular Siemens portable ultrasound machines.

Today, by offering flexibility throughout the industry, Siemens has created a variety of machines that cover a diverse spectrum of users, applications, and patients.

Beyond typical usability, Siemens offers a complete suite of advanced applications to address the limits of general ultrasound equipment and improve disease assessment.

Top Siemens Ultrasound Models

Siemens is dedicated to finding solutions for every situation by manufacturing equipment that is suitable for multiple applications.


The newest Acuson series, Acuson X, is a collection of mid-range Siemens portable ultrasound machines.

In 2018 Siemens created the new Acuson Sequoia, an upgraded version of the original model that gained mass popularity in 1996.

With higher-resolution imaging and innovative features, the new Acuson Sequoia (also referred to as the Siemens Sequoia), is the ideal tool for enhancing workflow and user experience.

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