Esaote Ultrasound Machines

Esaote has become a household name in the medical industry, claiming a spot as one of the six largest ultrasound manufacturers in the world by volume.

Trusted for many different applications, Esaote offers ultrasound equipment for sale with cardiovascular, general imaging, women’s health, and, most notably, point-of-care capabilities.

Formerly called Biosound Esaote, the company changed its name in 2011 to Esaote North America. Today, it is credited with manufacturing some of the first truly portable ultrasound machines.

Many Esaote ultrasound machines are ideal for pain management, needle-guidance, rheumatology, orthopedic, podiatric, and other related applications.

Top Esaote Ultrasound Models

There are a wide variety of portable Esaote ultrasound machines available. The most well-known line is the Esaote MyLab™.


One model from this line is the Esaote MyLab™ 30, a popular portable ultrasound that offers premium console performance.

With a range of modules, this device can be personalized to fit each user’s needs. Veterinary configurations are also available.

Another model from the same line is the Esaote MyLab™ One, an innovative handheld instrument with a full touch-screen display. User-friendly and efficient, this Esaote ultrasound machine is ideal for optimizing workflow.

There are many other popular Esaote ultrasound machines available. Simply let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll match you with free quotes for ultrasound machines that fit your needs. Get started with UltrasoundQuotes today.