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The newest technology to hit the medical ultrasound world is the handheld sonogram, adding another layer of convenience to digital imaging.

The handheld ultrasound machine is a type of portable ultrasound machine that offers even more convenience and mobility. The smallest models can fit in the pocket of a lab coat, giving them the alternate name “pocket ultrasound machine”.

Some handheld ultrasound devices are designed with the transducer and screen together as one unit while others have the transducer connected (wirelessly or physically) to a tablet or smartphone.

In the case of handheld portable ultrasound machines, smaller doesn’t necessarily mean less.

Many handheld ultrasound machines have been proven comparable to high-end systems, but this depends largely on the application.

Is A Handheld Ultrasound Machine Right For You?

One of the greatest applications for pocket ultrasound machines is in conjunction with physical examinations, as a supplement to make them even more effective.

A handheld sonogram machine can enhance the patient experience, giving each person an inside look at their health and diagnosis. Unlike radiology technicians who aren’t supposed to discuss findings with patients, physicians can use a handheld sonogram to create an educational and interactive experience.

Because they aren’t necessarily a required enhancement, some physicians don’t want to pay the handheld ultrasound cost.

This small machine is a huge deal, though, and the benefits are vast. In minutes, physicians can get a glimpse of what’s going on inside a patient’s body.

In contrast, full-scale ultrasound examinations can take almost an hour and require a specially trained technician. The equipment is incredibly expensive, as is the cost for the patient.

In some cases, pocket ultrasound machine findings might prompt a doctor to suggest further, more expensive, testing, but this is still preferable to an unnecessary full-scale initial assessment.

Like all portable ultrasound machines, handheld ultrasound devices allow for treatment wherever needed. However, unlike all portable systems, handheld portable ultrasound machines are more readily available on the go.

This makes them ideal for EMS personnel and other first-responders who need to make immediate diagnoses.

Overall, a handheld ultrasound machine is a fantastic tool for the medical world to take advantage of. With a lower handheld ultrasound machine price tag, a variety of providers can get on board.

If you’re interested in purchasing a handheld sonogram machine for your practice, you’ve come to the right place.

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