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Cardiology Ultrasound Machines Available

Offering cardiac ultrasound machines with a wide selection of capabilities ranging from echo capabilities to diagnostic 4D cardiac functions.

GE Ultrasounds

GE Healthcare offers a variety of cutting-edge compact ultrasound units that can be easily incorporated into the daily routine of your practice. GE cardiac ultrasound models include GE Versana Premier, GE Logiq E10, GE Vivid S60 Cardiac Ultrasound Machine, GE Vivid IQ Ultrasound and more.

Philips Ultrasounds

Philips cardiovascular ultrasound machines bring the best in functionality and performance to improve the quality of care and workflow within your cardiology department. Philips cardiac ultrasound models include EPIQ CVx, EPIQ CVxi, EPIQ 7, Affiniti 70, Affiniti 50, CX50 xMATRIX and more.

Mindray Ultrasounds

View a wide variety of Mindray ultrasound machines designed for your cardiology practice. Mindray cardiac ultrasound models include DC-80, DC-70 Series, DC-60, M9, & M7 Premium and more.

Siemens Ultrasounds

Browse innovative Siemens ultrasound machines as your cardiology practice meet your patient’s clinical needs. Siemens cardiac ultrasound models include Acuson SC2000 Prime Ultrasound, Acusion Redwood Ultrasound, Acuson NX3 Ultrasound, Acuson Juniper Ultrasound and more.

Samsung Ultrasounds

Samsung healthcare’s cardiac ultrasound machines offer advanced cardiovascular diagnosis for increased confidence. The Samsung cardiac ultrasound models we offer include Samsun HS50 Ultrasound Machine, Samsung HS60 Ultrasound Machine, HS70A with Prime and more.

Sonosite Ultrasounds

Sonosite’s portable cardiac ultrasound machines make accurately evaluating your patient’s health simple. Sonosite cardiac ultrasound models we offer include Sonosite Vevo MD Ultrasound Machine, Sonosite X-Porte Ultrasound Machine, Sonosite 180 Plus, & Sonosite M-Turbo and more.

Cardiac Ultrasound Machines

Cardiac ultrasound, also known as cardiovascular ultrasound, is the imaging of the heart. Healthcare professionals across the globe use this technology to diagnose, treat, and assess the moving parts of the heart. Because of this, it is also commonly called heart sonography.

Imagery collected from this type of ultrasound provides a detailed view of the cardiac muscles of the heart. Doppler technology can also be used to provide a clearer look at valves and blood flow.

With the information gathered from heart sonography, professionals can diagnose patients quickly and efficiently. A cardiac echogram is completely non-invasive and pain-free. Patients who have experienced chest pain, heart murmurs, heart attacks, or heart defects can benefit from this quick evaluation of heart health.

A heart ultrasound machine can help diagnose:

  • Heart murmurs
  • Valve conditions
  • Structural abnormalities
  • Damage from a heart attack
  • … and much more!

In the cardiovascular realm especially, monitoring patients consistently is a huge part of keeping them healthy. Cardiovascular ultrasound machines are big players in this department. Cardiac ultrasound is a quick and easy addition to any medical assessment.

There are both console and portable cardiac ultrasound machines available to help medical professionals across a variety of applications. Learn more about both types of cardiology ultrasound machines below to find the best fit for your practice.

Portable Echocardiography Machines

The world of portable echocardiogram is booming. As ultrasound equipment becomes more advanced, so does its capabilities. Portable echo machines are designed to function on the go.

These portable cardiac ultrasound systems extend diagnosis and treatment to patients who are immobile. Overweight, elderly, or disabled patients can receive a cardiovascular ultrasound at their bedside, or wherever they are.

Because of their small size, portable echo machines also allow for quick diagnosis in dire situations. For instance, emergency responders can use a heart ultrasound machine in an ambulance on the way to an emergency room or at the site of a disaster.

Consider investing in a portable echocardiography machine for your practice if you are tight on space, treat patients in a variety of environments, or treat patients who have limited movement.

Console Cardiac Ultrasound Machines

Console systems are designed to be used inside a healthcare facility. These machines are much larger and heavier than portable echocardiography machines.

Console cardiovascular sonography machines are commonly found in hospital settings. They are used constantly to monitor patients and assess recovery. While console heart ultrasound machines may be more expensive, they often offer extended capabilities.

If you work in a stable environment with plenty of room for equipment, the higher cardiac ultrasound machine price for a console machine is probably worth the investment. Your choice will depend on where you plan to use the equipment and the types of patients you will be treating.

Ultrasound Equipment Types

Our network of ultrasound machines provide the following services and more to keep your systems up and running:

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Finding Cardiovascular Sonography Equipment for Your Practice

Different cardiology ultrasound machines offer different capabilities, covering anything from tracking blood flow through the heart with basic echocardiology to complex 4D functions. Cardiac diagnosis requires a detailed view of the entire circulatory system. This includes anything that moves.

Basic cardiovascular ultrasound machines can provide this view for you, but there are certain systems that offer more capabilities than others. Not sure what the best cardiac ultrasound machine is for you? Let us help.

UltrasoundQuotes is a free online tool created to lead you to the equipment your practice needs. We carry industry-leading cardiac ultrasound systems from top manufacturers. We also offer a variety of resources designed to help you make a decision with confidence.

Whether you need a portable echo machine or console cardiovascular ultrasound machine, we have you covered with both new and refurbished options. Browse our inventory and compare specs and pricing online before you choose.

Find a cardiac ultrasound machine you can trust. Use UltrasoundQuotes to compare equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry at competitive prices.

Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll send you cardiac ultrasound machine prices and information on equipment that fits your needs. Find a cardiovascular ultrasound machine for your business today.

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