GE Ultrasound Machines

Arguably the industry leader for ultrasound equipment, GE offers a variety of both console and portable units. GE medical systems ultrasound machines are innovative, with advanced features and high-performance capabilities.

Beyond their innovative qualities, GE ultrasound machines are known for their reliability. Many practices trust their equipment, and for good reason.

GE is seasoned in the medical industry, and understands the features users need to engage in a smooth workflow.

With different models to help a variety of users and patients, you’re sure to find a GE ultrasound machine that fits your needs.

Top GE Healthcare Ultrasound Models

There are many lines of GE equipment, most notably the GE Vivid, GE Voluson, GE Logiq, and GE Venue lines.


The Vivid line is best suited for cardiovascular use, while the Voluson line is designed for women’s health purposes. Voluson GE ultrasound machines are some of the most advanced 4D systems available.

The GE Logiq line is the most sought after, as these machines are ideal for a wide range of applications. The most advanced model is the GE Logiq 9 ultrasound machine.

Lastly, GE Venue ultrasound machines offer a portable console system for simple and fast imaging.

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