Samsung Ultrasound Machines

Samsung Healthcare is responsible for manufacturing a large number of hugely successful ultrasound imaging machines.

The company’s success in diagnostic imaging devices is due to their innovation and, in part, the success of Samsung Medison, an affiliate of Samsung Electronics.

Samsung acquired Medison, a pioneer of the first real-time 3D system, in 2010. Today, Samsung’s Medison ultrasound systems are highly sought after.

Samsung sonograms play a leading role in the industry due to their revolutionary design and range of applications.

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Top Samsung Ultrasound Models

There are a number of top Samsung ultrasound systems, including the Samsung HS70A with Prime. This machine is a color console system, ideal for OB/GYN needs because of its “Realistic Vue” capabilities, offering 3D anatomy and realistic depth perception.

The Samsung HS50 and HS60 are two more reliable models. The HS50 offers faster boot-up times and frame rates while the HS60 has greater image uniformity and reduced signal noise.


As far as Medison models go, the Medison MySono U5 is compact, with a conveniently intuitive user interface and efficient design.

The Medison Accuvix A30 is a mid-high range Samsung ultrasound system with innovative features.

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