Used Ultrasound Machines: Are They Worth the Savings?

August 31 2020

Used ultrasound equipment in a medical practice

It’s no surprise that used ultrasound machines cost less than their new counterparts. Ultrasound systems can get incredibly expensive, but refurbished options help make them more affordable and accessible to a variety of practices.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to save some money. However, in the case of medical equipment, it’s especially important to do so without sacrificing quality. Buying used ultrasound equipment requires research and caution.

Finding trustworthy refurbished ultrasound machines for sale can save you tons of money. On the other hand, buying unreliable, low-quality used equipment will only drain your pockets.

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Average Cost of Used Ultrasound Equipment

Ultrasound systems fall within a huge price range. This is mainly because a new ultrasound machine can mean anything from a small handheld system for under $10,000 to a large console system priced at over $100,000.

System features also affect this price. High-end models offer high-resolution 4D, color imagery. Some even have integrated artificial intelligence capabilities. Lower-end models are cheaper but offer more limited functionality.

A refurbished ultrasound machine can potentially cut costs in half. On average, medical professionals pay between $5,000 and $40,000 for used ultrasound equipment. Of course, the price you can expect to pay depends on what type of equipment you need. Expect a wide range of prices when searching for refurbished ultrasound machines for sale.

Keep in mind that price isn’t always an indicator of quality. Just because one seller is offering a refurbished ultrasound machine for a higher price than another seller with similar equipment does not mean that the more expensive option is in better condition.

Also, remember that there are other costs in addition to the price of the unit. For instance, medical providers will need specific training that can cost between $1,000 and $5,000, depending on the specialty. Maintenance plans will tack on an additional cost as well.

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Doctor using a refurbished ultrasound machine in a healthcare facility

Finding a Used Ultrasound Machine for Sale

If used ultrasound machines sound like a good fit for your practice, you’ll need to find a reliable one. There are tons of sellers online claiming to offer equipment that is in perfect condition. Can you trust them?

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