Spotlight on Advancements in Ultrasound Technology

November 23 2020

New ultrasound technology allowing the device to move to the patient bedside

Ultrasound technology has advanced tremendously over the past few years. Medical diagnostic equipment is now commonly used across a wide range of specialties. These machines have more features and capabilities than most medical professionals would have thought possible a decade ago.

Keeping up with current ultrasound research is an important way to invest in your practice. Knowing what is available and how to apply it to your patients is critical.

2020 has been an unforgettable year for the healthcare industry. Medical professionals have continued to prioritize patients despite the stress and danger of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Providers across the world have used new ultrasound technology to combat the virus and save lives.

Learn more about current ultrasound news. Find out how ultrasound technology has improved and how you can utilize these innovations in your practice.

Recent Advancements in Ultrasound

Ultrasound research has grown tremendously this year. Here’s the latest ultrasound news:

1. Non-Invasive Testing

With the increasing versatility of medical diagnostic equipment, invasive testing is becoming a thing of the past. Recently, significant advancements in ultrasound have allowed for liver imaging with contrast agents.

Medical professionals are able to accurately image liver lesions with ultrasound, replacing biopsies. Current diagnostic ultrasound machines also allow for the easy scanning of obese patients, which wasn’t possible until recently.

The increasing versatility of ultrasound has created new possibilities. Medical professionals no longer need to rely on invasive procedures. Using a diagnostic ultrasound machine also reduces the risk of infection, increases patient comfort, and provides faster results.

2. Portable Ultrasound Equipment

Portable ultrasound has been a game-changer over the past decade, but it is especially relevant this year in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. This new ultrasound technology played a huge role in treating various types of COVID patients and monitoring their condition over the course of treatment.

This lightweight medical diagnostic equipment helps providers give care wherever needed. From pocket-sized devices to wheeled carts, portable ultrasound systems have increased the reach of ultrasound technology. These machines facilitate faster assessments and are ideal in emergency medicine and critical care.

3. Artificial Intelligence in Ultrasound

One of the most significant advancements in ultrasound technology this year was the integration of artificial intelligence. AI has allowed for the automation of time-consuming tasks, such as choosing the ideal image slice from a 3-D dataset.

The integration of artificial intelligence into diagnostic ultrasound machines actually began a few years ago, but it has recently picked up speed. AI elements are now common in ultrasound devices. Current ultrasound research shows that it will continue to expand in the coming years.

4. Improved Workflow in New Ultrasound Technology

The name of the game this year is productivity. New ultrasound technology has responded to this call by increasing patient throughput without sacrificing quality. An emphasis has been placed on streamlining the workflow process of medical diagnostic equipment. To do this, manufacturers are creating fewer dropdown menus, faster processing times, fewer keystrokes, and automated features.

For example, the new version of the Canon Aplio 900 CV has 40% fewer keys and is 50% lighter than previous versions. GE also has some newer models that prioritize efficiency. Today, it is easy to find a diagnostic ultrasound machine with a streamlined workflow.

Visual collage of various technological advancements in ultrasound

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