How to Maintain an Ultrasound Machine

September 14 2020

Medical professional applying gel to the probe of a sonography machine

An ultrasound machine is a significant investment for any healthcare practice. Both new and used options can cost a pretty penny. Regular ultrasound maintenance is critical to getting the most out of your money. Extend the life of your equipment by maintaining it.

Inspect, clean, and perform preventative maintenance on your ultrasound machine regularly. Correct usage is another important part of ultrasound machine maintenance. Follow the user manual for specific usage guidelines.

There are many different parts of maintaining medical equipment. Not sure where to start? UltrasoundQuotes is here to help your business succeed. We’ve created a quick ultrasound maintenance checklist for you to follow. Protect your budget and your patients with well-maintained medical diagnostic equipment.

UltrasoundQuotes has you covered. Learn more about ultrasound machine maintenance. Use these tips at your practice today.

Ultrasound Maintenance

Ultrasound maintenance doesn’t only extend the lifespan of your equipment. Even more importantly, it protects the health and safety of your patients.

Now, more than ever, disinfection and cleanliness are critical. With a pandemic ravaging the world, healthcare professionals must increase caution. Use these quick tips to keep your medical diagnostic equipment safe for patient use.

Use Medical Diagnostic Equipment Correctly

Let’s start with the most obvious tip. Using your ultrasound machine correctly is critical to its success. Equipment wears down with time, but there is no need to speed up that process. Be gentle when using the keys and trackball. Don’t yank the cables or grab them far from the connection. Avoid pinching or bending the cords. Instead, loop them into big, loose circles.

Keep in mind that only trained professionals should operate medical diagnostic equipment. The Association for Medical Ultrasound lists requirements for using a sonography machine here.

Clean Air Filters

Every sonography machine has a fan and vents to keep it cool. Filters block the vents to protect the CPU from dust. Check and clean these air filters on a weekly basis, or as advised by the manufacturer.

Be sure to turn off the sonography machine before removing any filters. Refer to the user manual for recommended cleaning guidelines.

Transport with Caution

Portable ultrasound machines are increasing in popularity. Use these machines at the patient’s bedside or off-site. Though made for transport, tipping is all too common. Before moving the ultrasound machine, clear a path. Hold the electrical cord off the ground and push the device slowly.

Take care when transporting equipment. A simple fall can break critical components of the device.

Inspecting & Cleaning Ultrasound Probes

Ultrasound probes, or transducers, are the most-touched part of the sonography machine. Cleaning ultrasound probes prevents the transmission of bodily fluids. Regular disinfection is critical.

In addition to cleaning ultrasound probes, you’ll need to inspect them for damage. Check the pins on the probe connector to make sure they are not bent. Observe the cable connection to ensure that there are no frayed ends or exposed wires.

Perform Regular Ultrasound Maintenance

The key to preventative maintenance is to make it part of your routine. Clean your medical diagnostic equipment every day. Wipe down your machine to remove dust. Clean ultrasound probes and patient physiology cables.

Investing in a regular ultrasound machine maintenance plan is also a good idea. Have a trained professional inspect your equipment on a regular basis.

Healthcare worker moving the trackball of an ultrasound machine

Caring for Medical Diagnostic Equipment

Taking care of your ultrasound machine is critical to its operation. Damaged probes result in a grainy image. Unplugging the machine far from the connection leads to frayed wires. Dust accumulation can even cause a fire.

When a sonography machine isn’t cared for, you’ll spend more money in the long run. Tasks like cleaning ultrasound probes might not sound important, but failing to do so can lead to major issues. Add these preventative measures into your daily routine.

On top of ultrasound machine maintenance, choosing quality equipment is critical. No matter how deliberate you are, maintenance will only go so far if you have poor equipment. Choose a sonography machine that will last.

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