Mobile Ultrasound is the Next Big Thing in Healthcare

July 20 2020

Since its invention in the late 1900s, mobile ultrasound has benefited the healthcare industry in countless ways. Today, portable ultrasound machines are gaining popularity nationwide for their expanding multi-functionality.

Healthcare professional using mobile ultrasound equipment to examine a patient’s leg

This new technology is a big win for healthcare professionals. It offers instant diagnoses and quick solutions, wherever they’re needed. Many practices also utilize portable ultrasound machines to increase patient comfort.

Portable ultrasound machines include anything from laptop devices to pocket ultrasound equipment that can fit in your lab coat. The portability of these devices gives healthcare providers access to remote patients.

Because of its capabilities, mobile ultrasound opens the door to healthcare innovation by widening the reach of healthcare solutions.

Learn more about the rise of mobile ultrasound. Find out if this technology is a good fit for your practice.

Mobile Ultrasound Applications

Most importantly, mobile ultrasound provides care for those with limited resources. Pocket ultrasound machines are often called the “smartphones of the healthcare industry”. In a similar way, they provide a wealth of information to users who didn’t have access to it before.

Urgent care clinics can use portable ultrasound machines for quick diagnosis and treatment. In minutes, providers gain invaluable information in a non-invasive way.

Telemedicine and long-term care providers can also use portable ultrasound to visit patients at their bedsides. This limits movement from patients, increasing their level of comfort.

Other unique applications include responsive care at military battlefields and at the site of accidents. In emergency or trauma cases, immediate diagnosis can be life-saving. Portable ultrasound can even detect internal bleeding.

The reality is that handheld ultrasound equipment has limitless applications. Healthcare professionals from a variety of specialties can benefit from its assets.

Benefits of Portable Ultrasound Machines

Portable ultrasound machines can weigh less than a pound. This makes them easily transportable, and useful for small practices with little open space. There’s a reason some portable machines are known as pocket ultrasounds. Certain models can literally fit in a lab coat pocket.

Some models, like the Butterfly IQ, can even connect to your smartphone. These handheld ultrasound machines offer a mobile work platform from which professionals can communicate and record patient information.

Not only is handheld ultrasound a useful tool in emergency situations, but these non-invasive tools provide increased comfort during routine checkups. For obese or elderly patients who struggle with mobility, these machines offer point-of-care treatment.

In addition to these benefits, portable ultrasound equipment is affordable. Compared to traditional ultrasound equipment, small machines have the advantage. The lower price tag increases accessibility for those that might not have been able to afford this innovative technology.

Pricing on mobile ultrasound machines is relatively affordable. Laptop-based ultrasound machines have price tags as low as $15,000, and handheld ultrasound models can go as low as $10,000.

Row of portable ultrasound machines used in a healthcare facility

Are Mobile Ultrasound Machines a Good Fit for Your Practice?

If space and mobility are a concern, mobile ultrasound is a great choice for your practice. Handheld and pocket ultrasound devices are battery-powered, making them perfect for on-the-go treatment.

In addition, if you have a limited budget, you’ll find more affordability from portable machines.

Handheld ultrasound devices offer endless possibilities for healthcare providers. Adding this equipment to your toolkit is essential to increasing efficiency and comfort for your patients.

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