How to Honor Nurses on International Nurses Day

May 13 2020

On International Nurses Day, we take a moment to recognize the importance of nurses in our daily lives. This year, more than ever, we are aware of the sacrifice nurses make for us each and every day, not just on International Nurses Day.

Female nurse with a patient on Nurses Day 2020

Nonetheless, National Nurses Day 2020 is a fantastic opportunity to show nurses our support for that sacrifice. National Nurses Day 2020 is also a fantastic opportunity to say thank you.

At UltrasoundQuotes, that thank you couldn’t be louder. As leaders in ultrasound equipment, we deeply appreciate the role nurses play in the healthcare industry. That’s why we’ve come up with a few ways others in the industry can thank nurses for their commitment. 

With the Covid-19 crisis ravaging the country, Nurses Day 2020 is a special opportunity to give back. In these challenging times, it is important that we stand by those who are risking their lives for the good of others. Learn new ways to thank a nurse on International Nurses Day.

What Exactly is International Nurses Day?

So, we know that International Nurses Day is a day dedicated to celebrating nurses and their efforts to care for people worldwide, but how was the holiday started?

International Nurses Day is the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale essentially founded modern nursing. She pushed beyond the barriers of her field and brought nursing to a whole new level, combining its skills with knowledge of public health and hygiene. She focusing on advancing medicine and improving the overall scope of nurses’ work. 

Today, International Nurses Day is more than a day. In fact, many businesses celebrate the whole week. Nurses Week 2020 is a chance for facilities that employ nurses to honor their employees’ sacrifices. It is also a chance for the general public to thank the people that keep them healthy.

National Nurses Day 2020 Theme

How Can You Honor Nurses During Nurses Week 2020?

This year’s theme for Nurses Week 2020 is “A voice to lead - nursing the world to health”. Amidst a global crisis, this Nurses Week 2020 theme reminds us that those on the frontline fighting this virus are those working in hospitals, emergency rooms, and elderly homes.

While this Nurses Day 2020 might look a little different, it is more important than ever to honor the nurses that work for your facility, or that care for you personally. There are plenty of ways to do this. Take advantage of Nurses Week 2020 as a time to tell nurses what we’re always thinking but don’t tell them enough - that they are real heroes

Many nurses work long hours on their feet, with little thanks. Simply saying thank you is a great start to Nurses Week 2020. Here are some great ways to say thank you on International Nurses Day:

  1. Arts & Crafts

Brighten up Nurses Day 2020 by decorating the work area with balloons and flowers. Get patients and residents involved by asking them to make cards or crafts for their nurses. Make it personal by adding the nurses’ names to the bulletin board or a large outdoor banner.

  1. Themed Events

A great way to keep Nurses Week 2020 interesting is by having themed days. Decorate accordingly and give each nurse a shirt to wear that matches the day’s theme. You can even use each day as an opportunity to recognize a particular “nurse of the day” or play fun themed games.

  1. Care Packages

Nurses spend countless hours caring for those around them. Take a moment to send a little bit of that care back to them this Nurses Day 2020. Create care packages for International Nurses Day, filled with ways to help your nurses treat themselves. Include things like face masks, bubble baths, gift cards, healthy snacks, and cozy socks.

These are just a few quick ways you can honor your nurses on Nurses Day 2020. You have countless opportunities to say “thank you” this year on National Nurses Day 2020, so make it count!

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