How to Find the Best GE Ultrasound Machine

October 26 2020

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Before you purchase a GE ultrasound machine for your practice, it’s important to understand each of your options. GE Healthcare is a leading manufacturer in the medical imaging industry and there’s no doubt that these machines are quality. However, not every machine is the right fit.

Compare GE ultrasounds before making a decision. Browse industry-leading console and GE portable ultrasound solutions. Choose a GE ultrasound machine based on your patients’ unique needs.

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GE Ultrasound Lines

There are five main lines of GE ultrasound machines: Vscan, Voluson, Venue, Logiq, and Vivid. Each line is intended for specific applications and branches of medicine. The equipment you need will depend on your facility’s medical focus and patient types.

You’ll also need to think about where you treat your patients and the amount of available space in your facility. Some of these models are GE portable ultrasound systems, while others are large console systems. Let’s go over the different GE ultrasound lines and popular machines within each one.

GE Vscan

The pocket-sized GE Vscan is ideal for point-of-care situations. This GE portable ultrasound is designed for cardiologists, general practitioners, primary care physicians, emergency medical professionals, OB/GYN, and more.

Versatile and convenient, the GE Vscan is available with or without a dual probe. The GE Vscan with Dual Probe houses two transducers (linear and sector) in a single probe. This offers additional diagnostic power.

If you need a versatile solution for on-the-go care, the GE Vscan might have just what you’re looking for.

GE Voluson

GE Voluson ultrasound machines are designed for women’s health applications. This line of equipment focuses on image quality and advanced clinical solutions. Most GE Voluson models have advanced OB/GYN features.

Consider GE Voluson equipment if you work in obstetrics, gynecology, assisted reproductive medicine, labor, or delivery. The Voluson Signature Series includes the S6, S8, and S10 models. These machines have most of the features of the Expert Series (E6, E8, E10), but for a more affordable price. The lower the model number, the more basic the model. For instance, the S10 is the newest and most advanced model in the Voluson Signature Series.

The Voluson P8 is a member of the Performance Series. This GE Voluson model is a cost-effective option that allows smaller healthcare providers to keep up with innovative medical imaging solutions while staying within budget.

GE Venue

In emergency situations, time is everything. The GE Venue line of equipment is designed with this in mind. These machines are user-friendly, with simple features and efficient controls. If you need a GE ultrasound machine for emergency healthcare operations, these machines are a great option.

The Venue line has AI features for efficient point-of-care solutions. When it comes to GE Venue ultrasound equipment, you have two main options: Venue 40 and Venue 50. Both of these are GE portable ultrasound solutions. That means you can care for patients wherever they may be, even at the site of an accident.

Facilities that tackle emergency medicine, urgent care, critical care, or anesthesiology can benefit from GE Venue.

GE Logiq

GE Logiq systems are multi-functional. These machines are ideal for a wide range of applications, including radiology, urology, cardiology, vascular applications, interventional care, and more. Their versatility allows professionals to care for a wide range of patients.

AI-based features help increase the speed and ease of medical exams. GE Logiq machines also offer high-performance processing power and cyber threat protection.

If GE Logiq sounds like a good fit for you, you’ll need to choose a machine. Common models include the Logiq E9, Logiq F8, and Logiq E. These models have many similarities, but there are certain differences to consider.

In particular, the E9 has 4D capabilities and four probe ports, while the F8 does not. On the other hand the F8 is much lighter, but offers the same monitor size. The Logiq E is a GE portable ultrasound with high-functionality in a compact package.

These are just a few popular options. Find a full list of GE Logiq machines here.

GE Vivid

The GE Vivid line is generally used for cardiovascular applications. These machines employ leading 4D technology to enhance diagnostic capabilities. GE Vivid models also use an innovative imaging platform called cSound.

The cSound platform improves visualization and image quality while offering intuitive tools that increase efficiency. GE Vivid systems include the E95, E90, S70N, S60N, T8, T9, and Vivid IQ. The Vivid E95 and S70N are 4D systems, while the Vivid E90 and S60N are 2D. The Vivid IQ is a portable option for point-of-care applications.

Learn more about each of these options here.

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