Top Echocardiogram Machines for Your Practice

August 03 2020

Small portable echocardiogram machine with an image on the screen

Ultrasound technology is growing and there are tons of echocardiogram machines available. It’s almost overwhelming to have to choose. Luckily, we’re here to help.

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If you need equipment for cardiac sonography, keep reading to learn more about your options. Get an inside look at the top four echocardiogram machines available. Uncover their features and capabilities to determine if any of these machines are a good fit for you.

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Cardiac Sonography

Cardiac sonography, or echocardiography, is the imaging of the heart. Healthcare professionals use this technology to assess and monitor the condition of the heart and its associated vessels and valves.

Images gathered from cardiac sonography can help professionals assess heart health. These images are used to diagnose patients for heart murmurs, structural abnormalities, valve conditions, heart attack damage, and much more.

The best thing about cardiac sonography is that it is completely painless and non-invasive, making it applicable to a large variety of patients. This also means it can be used frequently and quickly without any side effects. Many providers use it in conjunction with a routine examination or check-up.

Regardless of its qualities, investing in this technology won’t do any good if you don’t pick the right equipment for your purposes. Learn more about your options and what each one has to offer before you decide. Here are a few of the top echocardiogram machines currently available:

1. GE Vivid E95

The GE Vivid E95 is an advanced 4D cardiovascular ultrasound machine. The Vivid E95 is known for its integration of cSound, a software-based image processing system. This system is important because it increases the flexibility of equipment. Every patient is different, and cSound recognizes this.

The GE Vivid E95 is designed to easily provide care for a huge variety of patients. Whether used with 2D or 4D technology, this equipment offers unprecedented clarity. It also features HDlive and Triplane, which provide better visualization, clearer images, and higher spatial resolution.

Consider using a GE Vivid E95 for cardiovascular applications if you need increased versatility and visibility.

2. Philips Epiq 7

Another option is the Philips Epiq 7. This echocardiogram machine is one of the best machines Philips offers. This equipment uses Philips nSIGHT imaging architecture. This architecture produces images with pixel-level resolution. This is a huge upgrade from many other systems, which simply form a line-by-line image.

The Philips Epiq 7 comes with the innovative xMATRIX probe technology. This feature gives you access to a full set of scanning modes with just one transducer. In a single probe, doctors can access a huge variety of scanning modes, including 2D, 3D, 4D, live 3D echo, live 3D zoom, MPR, Doppler, color Doppler, and many more.

Plus, the Philips Epiq 7 is loaded with user-friendly features. This machine is a great option for cardiovascular applications.

3. Mindray M7

If you need a portable option, the Mindray M7 is a great choice. This echocardiogram machine has extensive cardiac capabilities, with the compact design and versatility of portable equipment.

This machine is not as advanced as the GE Vivid E95, but it can fulfill a wider range of applications. The Mindray M7 is a good investment for practices that prioritize mobility and functionality. Take advantage of advanced cardiac sonography technology without breaking the bank or extending your space.

This equipment is accessible and innovative. Consider a Mindray M7 for your cardiovascular practice.

4. GE Vivid IQ

Though slightly larger than the Mindray machine, the GE Vivid IQ is another portable option. This equipment has a 15.6” screen with a high-resolution LCD monitor. It offers user-friendly touch screen control, in combination with an intuitive control panel.

The GE Vivid IQ brings the high-quality performance of the Vivid line of ultrasound equipment into the mobile arena. The size and portability of this equipment are ideal for treating a range of patients wherever needed. In addition, it is easier to store.

If you need new equipment for cardiovascular ultrasound, the GE Vivid IQ is a great choice.

Four cardiac sonography machines sitting in a healthcare facility

Find the Best Deal on an Echocardiogram Machine

These are just a few of your options when it comes to finding equipment for your practice. Regardless of our recommendations, you’ll need to choose equipment that is a good fit for your specific facility and patients.

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Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll match you with cardiac sonography equipment. We’ll send you pricing and information on each match so that you have a chance to review all of your options before you invest. Look over each one to decide if any are a good choice.

It’s that simple. Find the perfect fit for your practice. Compare echocardiogram machines today.

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